Donations & Drums for the Sault Community


The Sault Community Drum Circle is continuously gathering donations to purchase drums for the Sault community. These drums will allow anybody who wants to play a drum an opportunity to play, without the need to purchase one themselves or have to wait to use what limited supply we have of personal drums provided by members of the circle. We plan to get a variety of different drums of different styles and origins for people to experience on top of a base set of frame drums and Djembe styled drums. Drums that have been purchased through these donations will have the circle's logo painted on the surface.

These drums will not belong to any individual and will always be considered community drums (common).

This donation box (Image Left) will be available at our circles to help us raise funds. As each drum is purchased, an image of the drum will be posted on this page.      

                                                      Thank you for donating.


We are hoping to get some hand-held drums first (2 Medium & 2 Large). A local supplier makes medium and large sized hand-held drums that cost $40 and $80 respectively - So that is our current goal. After that we hope to get a few Djembes (3-5 Medium Sized Drums).

The few exotic style of drums we are looking at eventually getting after our base set is an Udu drum, HAPI drum (a brand name Hank/Tank/Hang drum), Doumbek, Conga, Bongo, Tabla, Bodhrán, and a few others in the future.